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 Empowering you to magnetize WEALTH, JOY and SUCCESS with an ease and speed that will leave you astounded...

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1) Are Not Pregnant or Below 14 Years Old - Given the potency of this product, it is advised not to be used by individuals below 14 or those expecting, as it could influence crucial stages of brain development (Complete safe and zero adverse effect for 14 years old and beyond).

2) Understand this is not an instant wealth formula - This product calls for a period of adaptation and adjustment. The pace of transformation may vary among individuals. While some customers have experienced significant changes in as little as 24 hours, some may take its own course of time.

3) Trust in the process and your potential - True transformation unfolds when belief in the product is matched with belief in oneself.  You can be rich only if you believe you can be rich.

4) Pledge to sow seeds of goodness - As you receive abundance, remember to share the wealth.  Greater things blossom when you cultivate positivity and kindness in your life.

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The Entire World Is Hurting Right Now 

Inflations soaring ...

Jobs are disappearing FASTER than ever before seen.

Savings are being WIPED out...
But what if you could PREVENT that kind of stuff from happening to you and your family.

What if you were PROTECTED from all of the negative that's happening at an alarming rate?  

Imagine shielding yourself from the chaos that seems omnipresent in today's world.

Not only can you navigate these uncertain times, but you can also magnetize an abundance of wealth, success, and opportunities...

These treasures have been waiting for you since your birth. They're still within your reach, patiently waiting for the right kind of ignition... a unique activation method that remains untapped by many.

I know it's REAL ... 

Because I've been doing it for almost 22 years now.

In fact... I remember the very FIRST time I magically attracted what I wanted when I was just 18.

And even though I didn't know HOW I did it at the time, it STILL felt like I had superpowers!...

See, one day while driving around with a friend, I saw the car of my dreams drive by.

I turned to my buddy and said
"In 2 months... I'll have a car like that". He just smiled and said "yeah, right".

I'd go outside at night, look up at the stars, and DREAM about how much I wanted it.

I could FEEL the energy and excitement flow through my body as I thought about ways to get the money I needed.

And that's when the magic started...

A few days after telling my friend I'd get the car... amazing coincidences started popping up.

I'd see cars just like it everywhere I went. 

My boss gave me a raise. 

An uncle gave me $200 for my birthday. 

I even won $100 on a scratch ticket.!

And I kept attracting money from out of nowhere!! 

And sure enough, just 23 days after seeing that car...

It was parked in my driveway!

I didn't know how to explain it. 

Though it's my dad that bought it ... it just happened!

 It felt like having a genie in a lamp that would grant me ANY wish, ANY time I wanted.  

In fact, that first attempt at "speaking my desires into the Universe changed my life forever.
I became obsessed with trying to attract things I wanted into existence. 

 I just KNEW there had to be a connection between my new ability and how the Universe worked.

Just a year after graduating, I attracted my dream job at Harvard. 
Shortly after, I married the woman of my dreams. We had a beautiful son and bought a gorgeous house in Boston. 

I was SO grateful for the gifts the Universe granted me. 

But soon, life got busy and I stopped thinking about all the good stuff I had. 

 I focused on just “living life” and stopped “putting out in the universe” what I wanted. 


It started when Harvard got rid of my job because of downsizing. 

I was so embarrassed about being fired... I started drinking to numb the pain. 

Before long, I didn't bother getting dressed in the morning. I just sat on the couch and drank ALL day.

It dulled the pain, but also numbed the motivation to look for another job. I felt stuck when it came to changing my situation. 

It seemed the darker I felt, the darker life got. 

I'd head out almost every day. 

I wasn't heading out to look for jobs. I was going to a casino to try and make 'quick & easy' money to support my family.

I started losing more than I'd win... leading to a downward spiral of more headache and pain.

When my wife found out I was spending our savings at the casino, it created a bigger strain on my marriage. 

She gave me an ultimatum ... gambling or family!

Not only did I lose my job, I lost most of our savings, the house was close to being foreclosed, and I came close to losing my marriage. I started feeling hopeless from the constant cycle of negative thoughts, stress, and worry. 

In fact, times got so bad... I felt my family would be better off without me. And it was when I thought of taking my own life that everything changed. 

I still remember the night it happened. I got into the car and started driving towards a large tree at the end of our street.  
I stepped on the gas going 140 mph.  I was going to drive straight into this tree and take away the pain I was dealing with.
But right before I hit this tree, I heard a voice in my mind saying “Don't do this, it is NOT the answer. Think about your son growing up without a dad.”

To this day, I still have no idea where this voice came from. It was the same kind of clear voice I'd heard YEARS ago when I started manifesting my dreams. And now it was like the Universe was trying to communicate with me again... 

I remember pulling the car over to the side of the road and crying. I started thinking about my wife, my son, and all the gifts I had in my life. 

I remembered the incredible happiness we shared when we started our life together. The great job, plenty of money, and peace of mind.

 I begged God for help with changing my life and getting to that happy place again. While sitting in the car, a sudden wave of clarity came over me and gave me the hope I hadn't felt in ages.

When I got home, I hugged my wife and told her things were going to get better FAST. I became obsessed with THAT moment in the car when I felt connected to the Universe again.

The next morning, I went to Harvard to talk to a friend whom I remembered ... a professor of brain science & quantum physics who spent 20 years at Harvard studying the human mind & consciousness.
I also knew she spent years learning about spiritual thinkers & philosophers who talked about an ability to connect with the Universe in what was called a “Cosmic Consciousness State".

She saw things during her studies that often reminded her of “something bigger” as she'd say... some kind of cosmic forces at work in the Universe. 

She'd tell me about situations in which those with this “higher state of consciousness” would be able to manifest things into existence.
She called it "wakefulness" or “enlightenment” but in scientific terms said it was simply having a frequency that aligned with the Universe. 

I told her what happened in the car & wanted her thoughts on how I could start manifesting what I wanted again. I told her it used to come easy to me, but lately was very challenging.

She just looked at me and said “if you keep doing what you've been doing... you'll keep getting the same results. You gotta change your frequency and rewire your brain so you're in tune with the Universe again”. 

“Rewire my brain?” “Change my frequency?” I just gave her a blank stare until she explained what she meant.

She told me ALL things in the Universe vibrate at different frequencies. Every thought you have vibrates and attracts a matching signal back. These simple vibrations in your brain work to provide a “mirror image” attraction to other similar frequencies. “Like attracts like” she said.

If your thought though vibration is positive... other positive things are attracted to you. That's when you see amazing coincidences pop up.. like people, opportunities, or positive experiences that are in alignment with your vibrations.

If you constantly think negative, unhappy thoughts... you bring more of THOSE into your life. I could then see why my life got worse as it spiraled further out of control.   

When “real life” got in the way, that's when my frequency and vibrational energy changed. It became more negative as things like bills, my job, and real life happened. This would put negative energy out of my brain and lost the connection with the Universe, limiting my ability to attract what I wanted.
I told her about my past experience with manifesting and how successful I was. She said it was because I was full of positive energy and excitement when thinking about what I wanted.

This positive energy perfectly aligned with the Universe's vibrations and gave those things back to me. But when I stopped and became more negative... that's what I got back.

I asked her if she could help me get back to the happy, excited times when I put out happy, vibrational thoughts to the Universe. 

She told me that it wasn't something I could learn, but rather something I'd have to DO and practice... maybe for years!

  I asked her what she meant by “practice”. That's when she told me about neuroplasticity. 

She explained that if you practice a skill enough, the neurons in your brain associated with that skill will gradually create a path, like the groove in a record. 

The more you practice, the faster and BETTER you become at it.

The amazing thing she told me ...

"It's been shown that your thoughts have just as much effect on the neuroplasticity of your brain as your actions." 

"You can rewire your thoughts and brain to radiate the vibrations that manifest the life, love, and health you desire."

She mentioned certain sounds can program our brain's vibration to attract the GOOD stuff you want. or simply, set to the frequency that the Universe can hear you.

When you tune in the required frequency and raise your vibration ... THAT stuff draws closer to you. 

You can align with things, people and experiences you want the Universe to deliver faster & easier too.

I knew THAT was what I felt in the car that night I considered taking my life. I felt a sense of calm and peace I hadn't felt in years. 

A clarity, focus, and peace of mind with motivation to get back to that happy time in my life once again.

In fact, what I learned from my friend at the Harvard Physics department led me to work with her to create a special new sound track of brainwave audios that keep you energized to ATTRACT the good stuff you want like money, love, success, and abundance.

After testing out some of the files she sent me, I started seeing amazing changes in my life, almost overnight. I started seeing coincidences almost like they were signs from the universe.  

Signs that guided me to keep going to get what I wanted to have.  

In just a few short weeks after listening to the trial audio that she created, I got a higher paying job at another college in Boston. I was making twice what I was making at Harvard. 

Within 2 months, I was able to pay off all the debt I had gotten us into.

My wife and I fell deeper in love and our marriage got stronger. 

Like clockwork... I used these files to attract MORE money, a better job, a renewed marriage... all without hard work or effort.

I've since created the kind of life I truly want. I went from struggling to feeling happy and complete, once again, because of the greater success and abundance.  

This led us to enrich our offering and boost its effectiveness. 

We onboarded the brilliance of her esteemed coach, collaborated with three pioneering scientists, and worked alongside four seasoned psychologists to craft a product that truly delivers.

After a dedicated journey spanning three years, thousands of research hours, and countless experiments, we have finally brought our vision to fruition.

Trying to manifest your wishes without these audio files? 
 Well you can ... but will take you years to get your frequency on the same wavelength as the Universe.   

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
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I guranteed you that this product is different or anything near from ANYTHING you've seen or tried. It's the ONLY one that programs your mind's vibrational wavelength to attract everything you want automatically . 


8 Powerful Vibrational Divine Tune
These tracks can help you reach goals in less time and with less effort.

You'll deeply connect your soul to the Universe, so you can speak your desires into reality.

Set clear goals and you'll start to attract like a magnet. 

Quick Start Guide

This quick start menu shares the easy step to step guide on using the audio with maximum effectiveness ... so you can start using it to attract your biggest dreams and desires automatically... 

Abundance Mindset EBook

This amazing ebook provide you the confidence in your abilities to manifest what you desire and transform your blockage into opportunities, helping you reach your goals and realize your wildest dream



Bonus #1

Bless Prosperity Guided Track

A guided meditation tracks to help program your thoughts calm your mind.  
This keeps you refresh and constantly having the boost in moving towards your goals and greatly improving your chances of reaching your dream and goal of wealth abundance the fastest pace

Bonus #2

Mind Master E-Book

This amazing eBook guides you to use creativity and imagination to manifest a better life, alternative frameworks for viewing life and contrast them with your own perspective. 

Creative wealth manifestation tricks that everybody should be adopting for success. 

Fengshui & You (For The Noob)

Let your environment energize and boost your manifestation power.  

An easy to understand Fengshui manual that you can immediately apply at office or home easily.   

Be a master of fengshui in days. 

Bonus #3

Bonus #4

Control Your Own Destiny

You are the driver who steers the wheel and the direction or path that you take is, and will always be, your own making. 

But how do you command your life to turn towards the path that you want it to take? 

In this book, you can expect to learn all the things that you need to know in order for you to take full control of your life.



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Should you embrace this path and not witness swift, effortless transformations in your life, rest assured, your investment will be returned to you, no questions asked!


As we age, the bustle of life often dims our spark and dampens our vibrational energy. 

Consider this ... if your vibrations are not in sync with your desires, attracting them becomes a challenging task. 

This is a common pitfall that prevents many from achieving their aspirations.

Consider this, if your mind is mired in negativity, resonating vibrations of scarcity or deficiency, the law of attraction will not work in your favor. 

Instead of manifesting your desires, you end up drawing more negativity into your life.

You may THINK you want more money... but financial difficulties program your mind to think negative all the time.
And most times, you're not even aware of it. It happens subconsciously and ruins your chances of manifesting what you want.

And because you feel lack of what you want... the vibration of lack attracts MORE lack.

Thankfully, you can use thIS from the Harvard Physics department created... 

a SCIENTIFIC proven shortcut for aligning your brain's natural vibrational frequencies in a way that brings you the positive things you want back from the Universe. 
  • ​The Universe WANTS you to improve your life. 
  • ​And it's here to deliver you a rich, abundant life... as long as you put it out into the Universe using the right frequency! 
I used it to land a job where I'm earning the most money I've ever earned in my life. I started a side business that's worth more than $2.5 million dollars now. My marriage is stronger than ever.

I've also shared this with family and friends who've used it to become happier.

THAT is why I made it a priority to share this. It doesn't matter your current situation, background, or circumstances. 

It doesn't matter where you live or how much money you have.
All that matters is these brainwave entrainment files can CONNECT your thoughts and frequencies with the Universe, so you attract the kind of health, wealth, happiness and love you want...

In fact, this is different from anything else because these brainwave entrainment files use frequencies similar to those produced in NATURE. 

That's right, these brainwaves help your brain synchronize with the natural frequency of the Universe.

The closer you operate to this frequency, the better in sync you are in nature and more likely you'll attract what you desire. 

It's because you're now sending out positive, beneficial vibrational energy to the Universe that it can hear. It could be a better job, new business, more money, or the kind of wealth that changes your family's life. It doesn't matter. 

The Universe is a storehouse of riches and always ready to provide you with a rich, happy life. 

And these sounds are like having a direct line to the Universe, so you can communicate at will.
Maybe you even secretly fear that you'll NEVER be able to have the kind of life you want. 

Believe me, I felt that way too. But all that changed with this information.

If you've been struggling to achieve what you want... no matter if you're feeling lost, hopeless, or unfulfilled... this is your short cut to attract what you want so you're happy.
Look, if you've tried manifesting in the past but didn't see the results you want... there's a reason. You're not on the same vibrational wavelength with the Cosmic Universe.

Programs like the Secret are missing specific guided meditation and brainwave entrainment tracks that help you to connect your soul with the Universe. If you don't have specific ways to get on the same vibrational wavelength as the Universe... you can't attract what you want.

With the upgraded Cognizant Manifestation II, you gain access to sophisticated tools that empower you to manifest your deepest desires with reduced effort and in lesser time.

The revolutionary brainwave entrainment aligns your mind's frequency with the universe's vibrations. This 'tuning' adjusts your thought process to radiate positive frequencies, effortlessly drawing the abundant treasures you seek into your life.

The process effortlessly programs your brain frequency, establishing an automatic link with the universe. 

Thus, you are freed from conscious effort, as your brain seamlessly conveys the profound yearnings of your soul to the cosmic realm.

That's when you can magnetize an abundance of  success, wealth, health, love and happiness towards you swiftly and effortlessly. 

Such a vibrational bond with the universe can be exclusively forged through the innovative Cognizant Manifestation System.


Even if you've tried other manifestation programs in the past and failed (Very Likely), it wasn't your fault. You didn't have the Correct Tools that were created by a Neuroscientist and Physics experts that gets you on the same wavelength with the Universe.

So, let me ask... what do YOU want in your life? Is it more money so you can take care of your family and give them what you want? Do you want a better job? Someone to love? A more meaningful career? 

It can be money, a better job, career, business, love of your life... all that matters is you use this for attracting what you want. 

THAT is why I share this message. I want you to have EVERYTHING that makes you happy. 

And instead of trying so hard to get it, I want you to attract it faster and easier. 

For me, creating this had a lot to do with making sure my family is better off. I know from experience that having money puts your mind at ease and gives you freedom to make choices for your family. 

I hated losing my job and my income. I almost lost my house and my marriage. I swore I'd figure out a way to never go through that again. 

Money doesn't have to be your desire. It can be anything you want. Anything I've done, you can do too because you're following the same system.  

Trust me... this WON'T fail like other programs you may have tried in the past.

This works AUTOMATICALLY when others failed. I'll show you how to use the power of your mind to naturally program yourself for success, no matter what that is for you. 

Maybe having more money will take away problems. Maybe finding a partner will help you become happier. It doesn't matter. 

Look, if you're not 100% happy with where you are ... if you're not where you want to be in any part of life... Nothing changes until you do something different. You either start the process of changing now or you're STILL where you are now, except a year has passed.
Think about it. If a year goes by and you're STILL in the same place, how would you feel?
I abandoned these principles for a year. During that time, I lost my job. My marriage almost failed. I lost a lot of money. I fell into a depression. When I discovered the missing piece of the puzzle... that's when life became better than ever.

NOW is the perfect time. 

This new program is THE key to getting exactly what you want in life and it’s only attainable through this audio. 

It's faster and easier way to get the money, higher paying job, bigger bank account, house or car of your dreams.

"How much is it worth to be able to attract anything you want in your life faster and easier AND with less work and effort? 

What if you could program your mind to work in a way that automatically attracts what you want?"

What if you could speak your biggest desires direct to the Universe and they're brought into existence like magic? WOULD IT BE WORTH a small investment to unlock the key to the you could attract anything you want in life?

What if you're facing challenges in business, relationships, or your finances? 

If you had a program that could give you the key to unlocking whatever you want in life... would you be interested? I'm sure you'd invest $1,000 or more if it gave you the ability to attract unlimited wealth, health, money, happiness, and loves.

For just $38, you can use this to attract anything you want, anytime you want. You don't have to burn MONEY anymore for useless product.  

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Trust me, your life doesn't improve if you keep doing what you're doing. It's not too late to get a fresh start on life... where you have everything you want.




Will this guide really help me to live better and create the lifestyle as claimed?  

Short Answer:  Absolutely!  This creation is all about helping you in every aspects of improving your life so that you can quickly create the lifestyle you desire.  However for maximum effect, please follow the user guide as closely as possible.  

Will I able to implement these strategies easily?  

Short Answer: It's as easy as ABC, for anyone - whether a novice or beginner can start  applying  and achieve results fast!  It will all be in small actionable steps for you!   

If result does not show on me, can I seek for a refund?

Definitely!  We are so confident with our product  so much that we offer 100% refund within 60 days of purchase with NO question ask!  So not to worry, go ahead and try this non-obligatory  amazing product now.

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